RedwoodJS Being Spammed

I tried to act quickly by initially warning people on Reddit:

However, I have marked that post as hidden and have taken the suggestion of u/avataw and brought the discussion here instead.

When you search for “redwood js” in Bing, the very first result you get is a spam site that has invisible sketchy links all over it:

When you visit the site (“http://” + “Quick Start | RedwoodJS Docs”) enough times, it will eventually remove the sketchy links. Opening in a new Incognito or InPrivate browsing window will cause them to show up again (just hover your mouse).

Although I do not know what action should be taken to address this, I think it best to at least acknowledge that a potential user of RedwoodJS could be hurt by this. Also, as I am also an open source library maintainer, I wonder what could be done about this as well.

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I’ve closen my thread about the same issue :slight_smile:
Thanks for taking me up and joining the community to post it here @Pebaz !

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Oh awesome, thanks for the welcome! :slight_smile:

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So on my PC with Bing (which I never use) I was not able to find any link that matches your #1 image. I’m not 100% sure but I would assume that you have a local malware problem.

Have you maybe tried using another browser / incognito mode and check for bing results that way? Maybe on the phone, just for a quick validation that this is a local problem on your pc? :confused:

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When I search using incognito and also InPrivate browsing, I do not see the sketchy site result.
I also went through all 8 pages of results on RedwoodJS on Google and didn’t find the result there either.
Wow. What an extremely odd and specific set of events.
Thank you for your help :person_shrugging:

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:confused: I would really recommend getting your PC / browser checked out :smiley:
As I do not really believe in antivirus software - I’d recommend clean installing ~

Hope it won’t happen again, thanks for letting me/us know and welcome in the redwood community :slight_smile:

@Pebaz and @Avataw Huge thank you to you both for giving this time and attention. Even though it seems like the issue was a local one (and I hope you get things resolved simply!), it makes a difference that you’d take the time to let us know.

That said, thank you both for being a part of the community! Hope you’re having a great time building with Redwood.

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