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I am using the RedWoodJS Blog as a template. I have changed a few things so I can use this template as my blogpost. GitHub - DAVIDnHANG/DavidHang-blog-RedWoodJS-: Example Blog app written with Redwood
However, i want to know

  • edit the post

  • change tags

  • There is no popup when i go to localhost http://localhost:8910/admin for the netlify sequence.

  • make an admin since it been disabled

I am new to HTML coding, stacking, backend stuff.

Hi @DAVIDnHANG! Excited that you’re trying this out with Redwood, especially as a beginner. But understood that there’s a lot going on here and it can feel overwhelming. So please let me know when things don’t make sense as well as if I didn’t understand the questions you’re asking.

First off, have you had a chance to go through the Redwood Tutorial? That’s the best introduction to the concepts you’ll need. Also, importantly, the RedwoodJS Blog template you are using was created before the Tutorial was created. They are similar, but they are not exactly the same. It’s definitely a good place to start your project. But this might help explain why some things are not working the way you might expect them to in reference to the Tutorial.

edit the post; no popup when I go to localhost for admin; make an admin; etc
Ah, sorry for the confusion here. This User Authorization functionality is not yet available in the Example Blog. @rob was working on it in an earlier version but then turned it off when we started using this as an example app. The good news is that Redwood Auth is coming soon! (In a manner of weeks.) But until then you would have to do this on your own, which might be a bit challenging but worth learning about!

change tags
It looks like you were changing these in the api/prisma/seeds.js file, correct? If you already ran yarn rw db seed before and then ran it again after you made changes, the original seed data will still be in your local database and might block the changes. You should delete api/prisma/dev.db, then run yarn rw db up, and lastly yarn rw db seed.

For now, this might also be a pattern for you to try when creating a new blog post.

Is this helpful to get you to the next step?

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