Redwood Studio [Experimental]

Thanks @Josh-Walker-GM . Any quick workaround you think I can apply in the meantime ?

Hmm I’m not totally sure. My immediate thought is editing the node_modules at ./node_modules/@redwoodjs/studio/dist-backend/index.js.

There should be a HOST and PORT variable near the top of that file which might help you out if you need studio to use different settings. There is also a line:

apiHost: `http://${}:${webConfig.port}`,

You might need to replace the webConfig values here as well.

Just need to be careful of these changes getting reset if the node_modules get reset.

Overriding the host works, thanks @Josh-Walker-GM.
Could you add it as an overridable variable in the studio config in the future ?

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Yeah I’m working on some fundamental studio updates/refactoring so I’ll note this down as a requirement.

I mostly got excited about impersonation, before realizing, that it’s only for the graphql endpoint used via studio.

Are there bits in here, that would allow implementing impersonation into our apps easier (or is it easy and I just never looked at it)

@razzeee Impersonation is very provider specific. The only one of our provider that I know supports impersonation is Clerk User Impersonation | Clerk

Feared that would be the case, I have my own provider implemented, so unsure how to tackle that.