Redwood - Salesforce Integration

Hi all -

Does anyone have experience connecting to a Salesforce instance from a third party app? I’m a Salesforce admin by day, and I can think a 100 different use cases where being able to authenticate and read metadata from Salesforce would be super helpful. Ultimately wondering if I could leverage Redwood to do this?

The idea would be to authenticate the Redwood app with the user’s salesforce instance credentials, and then be able to view various pieces of info (profiles, roles, record types, fields, etc). You can obviously see all this information within salesforce, but comparing, say, one salesforce profile against another isn’t very elegant within salesforce itself. Metadata isn’t the only use case either :grin:.

I was browsing the Salesforce docs and came across this: Help And Training Community. I think this is what I need, but not even sure where to start :face_with_monocle:

Does anyone have any thoughts here, and maybe a suggestion on where to look as a starting point?


I been working out a flow to integrate into other platforms.

  1. is passing them through your redwood graphql like this,

  2. use something like graphql mesh to merge redwood and sales force api together. (or maybe merge OneGraph and RW, as that has sales force integration.)

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No direct experience with Salesforce API. But I do think this has the sound/feel of a fantastic idea! I’d nudge you to take some exploratory steps forward.

The community will likely be able to provide more help in reacting to code and examples. E.g. if you do try to set up an integration and run into challenges, showing people the code you have (in the context of what you’re trying to do) has a much better chance of getting support + direction from others.