Redwood realtime on

Hi @here, my simple RW app is up & running on but it doesn’t seem to support subscriptions?

API: “render GraphQL operation type “subscription” is not allowed.”

The reason I’ve opted to trial is because it appears to be the only ‘official’ serverful option for Redwood deployments. (Is it still the case that Redwood realtime must be on a serverful deployment?).

Am I missing something here?

I should add, to be clear: I’ve implemented this as per the docs here, and all is working well locally.

Redwood v6.6.4 (will upgrade to v7 once I have a functioning deployment).
Node version = 20 (moved up from 18 to get around OOM errors during Render build phase)
Yarn = 4.0.2


haven’t used it yet, but the redwood 7 release notes say it introduces subscriptions, so you will need to update for this.

This might seem counter intuitive but v7 releases support for graphql subscriptions and the server file. So you will need to upgrade to get graphql subscription support

Happy to upgrade now if we think that helps, but the realtime features are working fine locally on v6 (experimental). It’s only an issue after deploying to Render. Would v7 make a difference here?

Just wanted to clarify that Render isn’t the only official serverful option for Redwood deployments. Coherence and Flightcontrol are both serverful, as well as Baremetal though that’s more advanced.

cheers @dom, I’ll take a look

Does anyone have experience with deploying realtime RW apps (via subscriptions) to either Coherence / Flightcontrol?

Just another heads up that I was able to reproduce the deploy to Render with subscriptions not working and think I have a fix in the works. Will keep you updated and have an RC out for you to try, but that would be a v7 RC. Could also provide you with a workaround though probably. But if you haven’t upgraded to v7 and it’s not too much of a lift that would be helpful in the meantime.

Ah that’s great stuff, I’ll get the upgrade done tomorrow then. Thanks again.

I wonder is this an issue that would also affect the other serverful offerings?

Quick one to just to say; weekend didn’t quite go to plan. Will get upgraded to v7 this week + update here.

Hey @voltore, no worries—sorry for the belated response here. I did get a patch that hopefully alleviates the memory issue in Render (see Release v7.0.3 · redwoodjs/redwood · GitHub) but it doesn’t seem like their platform (or at least their free tier) supports SSE which is necessary for realtime. We asked for clarification but are still waiting on an official response from their team.

In the meantime Coherence is working so I’d encourage you to try them out if you’re keen on using realtime. The setup command for Coherence is going to be patched today in a similar manner but the deploy here in Redwood’s deploy target CI is working as a reference: