Redwood deploy to Electron? Good Idea? Not Possible?

Before I start throwing energy at this possibility, is it even a possibility?

What do we know and where would be go?

Did you give it a go?

You could get some inspiration from nextron which runs nextjs in electron.

Electron is great and, as an additional client, works great with Redwood’s API.

@danny uses Electron with (along with RW Web, a CLI, and a Next app for sharing content). All of it is working really well.

I think maybe I’d not thought it out enough. I am maintaining an Electron app and was missing Cells and Auth, and this and that. I was pining :slight_smile: for Redwood.

But if the renderer folder was my ./web and the main folder was my ./api then I’d have to setup GQL between them. And load in prisma, etc… Then serve the functions…

I’ll have to think about this some more…

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