Redwood Conference Attendees

Conference Channel on Discord

Hey Everyone,

Just a quick note to let anyone attending the conference know that we have a Discord channel called #rwjs-2023-conf set up. Please use it to connect, communicate, coordinate and hang-out with other attendees, whether virtual or in-person! If that first link doesn’t work for you, try this: RedwoodJS. We will also use this as a spot for virtual attendees to hang out!

@Conference-Attendee Discord Role

Users with the @Conference-Attendee role are shown separately in the members list. Also, users with this role can create private threads, so that you can more easily coordinate privately with other members in Discord if-needed. You can self-assign the role by going to “#Channels & Roles” at the top of the channel list, and selecting “Attend the RWJS Conference.” Or, you can ask for someone to assign it to you :slight_smile:

Have a great conference! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: