Redwood Auth with no api side

Hey All,

I have a Redwood app with no api side. I’ve followed these instructions to remove it: Disable API/Database | RedwoodJS Docs. I also removed the Apollo Provider client from the web side.

I have now implemented authentication with Firebase and noticed the web side makes a graphql query call to the get current authenticated user: {"query":"query __REDWOOD__AUTH_GET_CURRENT_USER { redwood { currentUser } }"}

Is there a way I can disable that (see error below)?

    "errors": [
            "message": "The RedwoodJS API server is not available or is currently reloading. Please refresh."

I am running the latest and greatest version 7.3. Any help is appreciated!

I believe that you can go to your auth.tsx file or search your app for createAuth

it should look something like this createAuth(firebaseClient)

I think you can pass a second parameter to createAuth for useCurrentUser


createAuth(firebaseClient, { useCurrentUser: () => { something } })

Here is the redwood implementation redwood/packages/auth/src/AuthProvider/useCurrentUser.ts at 9a3ffdef7764fadb2c36114b1a1ed3091ce7d145 · redwoodjs/redwood · GitHub

This is where it makes the requests to the graphql backend.

I am not sure what your implementation will look like because I don’t use firebase but that should point you in the right direction

Hi @KrisCoulson this did the trick, thank you so much! Here’s what I’ve done as a quick proof of concept:

export const { AuthProvider, useAuth } = createAuth(firebaseClient, {
  useCurrentUser: () =>
    new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
      const currentUser = firebaseAuth.getAuth().currentUser
      if (currentUser) {
          id: currentUser.uid,
          roles: [],
      } else {
        reject(new Error('No current user'))

I need now to spend some more time understanding how the auth flow is implemented. My assumption was that after a successful login, the user would be automatically redirected but this is not happening.

UPDATE: I’ve ended up using the same trick that the “blog tutorial” uses on the LoginPage:

  useEffect(() => {
    if (isAuthenticated) {
  }, [isAuthenticated])

Just wanted to let you know there is even more coming on this front

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It would be nice to have a custom authentication that allows you to manage the authentication using API Keys.

For example, add a configuration to the dbAuth class that allows the reset and forgot password methods to be disabled. In addition to that also an option that disable the hash function on the password.

Hi @Mact1977 i have been meaning to write up a way to use Unkey as either a yoga auth plugin or redwood auth provider.

But have a look at and maybe that would work for you. If so happy to discuss how to integrate in Redwood visa