React Query Provider for Redwood

Hey All!

I’m a big fan of react-query and was hoping to use it in a new Redwood project but still keep the Cell functionality. The other night @peterp mentioned that it is possible to swap out Apollo for whatever GraphQL client you want.

So I spent some time and got react-query + graphql-request working as a replacement!

I put together a package for anyone else out there that wants to do the same. Hopefully you find it as useful as I have :rocket:


This is fantastic @marceloalves :rocket: Thanks for posting! We’ll blast this out on the Redwood Twitter account as well.

So. Good.

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Amazing work Marcelo, and welcome to the community! I’ve been waiting for something like this since Peter first mentioned swapping out the RW Client last summer. This has inspired a few people (myself included) to pick up React Query and play around with it a little bit, both with and without Redwood.

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