Re: Feature Request for SDL for APIs

(I reached a 3 reply limit on this post, so continuing it here.

I noted, that after finishing the tutorial, I saw this article on this topic of working with APIs Using a Third Party API | RedwoodJS Docs

p.s. - @dthyresson - My pull request failed because of tagging rules. RFC on using API specs to drive scaffolding by davidkhardwick · Pull Request #5552 · redwoodjs/redwood · GitHub – I just want to make sure that it will be seen. I’m well aware that I could write this up and it doesn’t get implemented (I’ve been product for over a decade, I get it!) but I just want to avoid it not being seen at all.

You may want to make this an issue RFC rather than a pull request.

That way people can review the idea and comment and iterate on it in the issue comments rather than code.

Closed the PR and opened this as an Issue