Quick Start tutorial storybook section throws error

I am on my Day 2 with RedwoodJS - watched Tom’s videos and the 3 tutorial videos and hooked. Now got started with the quick start tutorial at Quick Start | RedwoodJS Docs

When I ran yarn rw storybook, I got an empty Storybook page (am I supposed to see anything - sorry I am totally new to Storybook) - can we make it clear with a screenshot like this in the quick start tutorial itself?

When I switched to the console, I noticed a number of errors…When I went back to the terminal to copy the errors, they are all gone - I guess because I ran the jest tests which cleared the terminals - the errors were mostly complaining about storybook was expecting some dependency but found a wrong version - a lot of such messages. For someone totally new to storybook and Redwood, I am not sure whether they are to be ignored or not.

A related question I had is - why can’t we use the existing UserExample for the quick start tutorial - why do we need to copy and paste the Post model (as we do not seem to go very far with the quick start tutorial).

model UserExample {
  id    Int     @id @default(autoincrement())
  email String  @unique
  name  String?

Sorry if I am asking too many questions in my first post - just thought of conveying the perspective of a new user…

By the way, I loved this type of message - not sure whether this is a new feature or not, you should give this type of wow feature (especially for someone coming from Django) a big facelift

You need to create a story, for it not to fail there.

Easiest would be to generate one via a component yarn rw g component Test

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Thanks. I understand and will eventually get around to learning it, I guess, once I jump into the full tutorial. But for the quick start, it would be helpful to convey the expectation clearly.

Thanks for flagging this @siraj-samsudeen, PR here to update the quick start: fix(docs): update quick start to fix Storybook start up by jtoar · Pull Request #9014 · redwoodjs/redwood · GitHub

thanks a lot dom for the quick action.