Providing NodeJS sourcemaps to Error Tracking services

I have setup sourcemaps via the webpack config for sentry using what @danny had setup with Bugsnag. That is ok for Redwood Web side.

The reason I am looking into sentry is that they have an SDK that supports exception handling for serverless functions that is quite easy to integrate.

The one thing missing is how to provide Sentry a sourcemap of the API side so the correct line numbers and code show up in stack traces. The API side does not have a webpack config, but it does have a babel config.

I looked at and I think I should extend my babel.config.js with an override to add the sentry plugins, but again - the sentry tutorials refer to webpack and not babel… so I am bit confused on how to set this up.

As I get closer to launch with my redwood app, error tracking setup is one of the things I am trying to get right - as it’s critical to have one in production


@dthyresson has been taking lead on error handling in Redwood, I think you’ve already connected with him on Discord but pinging him here to get his input.