Protocol: "inspector" inside launch.json is not allowed

Current RedwoodJS documentation defines the Debugger configuration via the RedwoodJS specific file .vscode/launch.json file available here.

Trying to run the VSCode debugger using the Example Repo as described in Intermission | RedwoodJS Docs, using the above defined launch.json file triggers VSCode warning:


  • the “stopOnEntry” key should be removed as false is now its default value. Unless someone better-informed objects here, I will create the PR for this.

  • “Property protocol is not allowed” can most likely be removed as well. However, I could not find any definitive statement stating that (I searched at all well-known locations and was only able to find very long discussions without a conclusion.

Anyone having a full understanding of this issue, please respond as I am preparing a longer document on RedwoodJS debugging at Introduction | Redwood Application Development Cookbook, and would like to be as accurate as I can muster.