Profiling a Redwood app

While working on the initial draft of the Windows Dev and Setup: Recommendations and Best Practices document, I would like to start a discussion on a few topics that will appear in that document:

Neither of these sections is written yet because I would like to use some interesting application as the model. The obvious candidate would be the application introduced in this tutorial, however, I am not sure that this is the best example to be used in such an important context as debugging and profiling.

Caveat: I understand that this could be perceived as a long trip from the theme “Windows Dev and Setup: Recommendations and Best Practices”, so I need to point out that these topics might have just a temporary home in this document; The VScode plays the key role in these two topics, and it just happens the “Windows Dev and Setup” lives outside current Redwood documents, and it describes VSCode as one of the Redwood developers primary future tools.

Anyone who can put a marketing hat on the head, please advise on the choice of this model app.

P.S. A document on benchmarking Reedwood apps will follow next, trying to address issues like Serverless cold boot slowness.