Production webpack builds CSS incorrectly

I’ve noticed CSS isn’t minified and still contains source maps.

I am running Redwood 0.10.1-canary.12+98df7bd and deploying to Netlify.

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Hi @jmcmullen! Admittedly, CSS improvements have been ongoing.

How are you implementing CSS? E.g. vanilla or SASS or … ? It might be the case we are simply not processing vanilla – but we likely should.

Not sure if this helps, but v0.11.0 (release notes) made changes to how PostCSS is handled. (Also, FYI, v0.12.0 was just released about a half-hour ago – might need to give it a few days to settle but there are no known breaking changes.)

And to add to this, there’s an outstanding issue with Webpack where the the import order differs between production and dev:

This sounds like a bug, I’ve created an issue over here:

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