Problems receiving routing parameters in a Cell

I’m following the (official) Tutorial (using this:

    OS: Linux 5.19 Debian GNU/Linux bookworm/sid
    Shell: 5.2.0 - /bin/bash
    Node: 16.17.0 - /tmp/xfs-96e6000c/node
    Yarn: 3.2.3 - /tmp/xfs-96e6000c/yarn
    @redwoodjs/core: 3.0.0 => 3.0.0 

) and there’s an issue with sending a routing param. So, as suggested in Chapter 2, I generated the Article Cell with:

yarn rw g cell Article

Now the cell is generated with two types at the top:

import type { FindArticleQuery, FindArticleQueryVariables } from "types/graphql"

Ok, but it seems that FindArticleQueryVariables does nothing (or not enough).
It’s this:

(alias) type FindArticleQueryVariables = {
    id: Scalars['Int'];
import FindArticleQueryVariables

but I still have a Typescript error in the Success block:

Property 'id' does not exist on type 'Props'.ts(2339)

The Props is this:

interface Props
  extends CellSuccessProps<FindArticleQuery, FindArticleQueryVariables> {
  rand: number

I’ve tried generating types manually and restarting Vscode. The weirdest part is that it actually does work in the browser…

Also (again from the Tutorial) in the ContactPage.tsx when we destructure the create function from the useMutation, it doesn’t really matter what generics are used.
All these work (and they shouldn’t, I guess) the same, for example:

const [create] = useMutation<CreateContactInput>(CREATE_CONTACT)
const [create] = useMutation<CreatePostInput>(CREATE_CONTACT)
const [create] = useMutation<null>(CREATE_CONTACT)