Private Routes and GoTrue issues

Is anyone else having an issue with Private Routes not redirecting properly when using GoTrue? I had set an account page to redirect to “Home”, but when I try to deeplink unauthenticated to check, I get a blank page w/ the url having these params: ?redirectTo=/account

import { Router, Route, Private } from '@redwoodjs/router'

const Routes = () => {
  return (
      <Route path="/signin" page={SigninPage} name="signin" />
      <Route path="/signup" page={SignupPage} name="signup" />
      <Route path="/" page={HomePage} name="home" />
      <Route notfound page={NotFoundPage} />
      <Private unauthenticated="home">
        <Route path="/account" page={AccountPage} name="account" />

export default Routes

I’ve used Netlify Identity Widget and Auth0 and I don’t remember the behavior being like this. I suspect it’s GoTrue, but I’m not sure.

Hi @rodocite.

Might this be the same issue?

The redirect is ok, but the “blank page” was likely caused by a PR that was reverted and should be in next release (or the canary release which i am using and have not see that lately).