Prisma model casing

Just to clear this up (since I couldn’t find anything in the docs about it) it looks like Prisma’s @map and @@map can’t be reasonably used to make table names snake_cased in postgres? Here’s an example:

model ExampleModel {
  id String @id @default(uuid())
  camelCaseField String @map("snake_case_field")


Using @map and @@map lets us work with a table that would be something like public.example_model.snake_case_field.

This seems like it would be required to introspect an existing schema (since Postgres tends to prefer snake_case) and make it work with the rest of redwood.

I’m running into errors when running tests because the teardown logic breaks:

const teardown = async () => {
  var _context;

  const prismaModelNames = (0, _map.default)(_context = (await getSchemaDefinitions()).datamodel.models).call(_context, m =>;

  for (const model of prismaModelNames) {
    await db.$queryRaw(`DELETE FROM "${model}"`); // This presumes the prisma model name is identical to the table name