Prisma 2 export / import

What’s the best path to migrating data with Prisma 2 import using RedwoodJS cli?

As context, migrating from current Graphcool exporting (Thank You for Using Graphcool 💚) to Prisma import (Data Import & Export with Prisma - Prisma Tutorials) targeting /api directory

Attempting yarn prisma export results in ! Unknown command "export" with

$ prisma [command]


        init   Setup Prisma for your app
  introspect   Get the datamodel of your database
    generate   Generate artifacts (e.g. Prisma Client)
      format   Formats your schema

Hi @chownation Unfortunately the docs/tutorial you are referencing is for Prisma 1. RedwoodJS uses Prisma 2, and at this time I’m unaware of CLI import or export options.

I’m not sure if this will help with your case, but one way to get data into the DB is using the Redwood CLI rw db seed command. The intended use is for local dev and test, but you could use it as an importer. See the RW Example Blog for a use case. The seed data file is here:

I’m no expert on Prisma 1 or GraphCool – you might get more specific help from the Prisma community either on Slack or the GitHub Forums. It seems to me they would have tutorials about transitioning to Prisma 2.

Lastly, can I ask what you’re attempting to do from a high-level view? I’m making some assumptions, but it seems like your challenge is one of DB migration vs. data migration. You don’t necessarily need to move your data or change your DB to use Redwood. But, again, depends on your specific needs and use case.