Playground not reflecting new mutations?

Hi there, new to Redwood and enjoying trying it out!

I created two models, client and clinic. For clinic I used the scaffold method and all available queries and mutations are showing in the GraphQL playground. However for client I attempted to recreated the client service in exactly the same way as the clinic but the mutations are not showing in the playground docs.

I’ve tried restarting the server, am I missing a step?


HI @andregoldstein.

This forum post may help you out (perhaps):

Prior to this version, Redwood Cells used Apollo’s cache and network fetch policy. This has been removed in favor of the default policy (see #1250 ). This change, along with the new Apollo v3 behavior, changes the behavior of mutations — state changes will often not render without a page reload.

especially the need for a refetchQueries in your cells with mutations.

Hi there thanks for the tip! I’m not sure if this is that though as the mutations are not showing up in the docs part of the GraphQL playground. I was assuming this meant that things hadn’t been setup right?

Oh, I misunderstood.

Did you add the mutations to your SDL?

It would help if you shared a GitHub repo or some code samples (esp, the Prisma schema, sdl, etc).

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You know what, I just was checking the files and realised exactly that! Thanks! I was missing the mutation part in the .sdl file, thanks!

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