Plan ahead for eventually deploy on Google Cloud Platform

Hello everyone,
New member here.

I’m developing a new project that eventually will have to be deployed on Google Cloud Platform. I know GCP is currently not an officially supported deployment yet (A History of Hosting RedwoodJS - How the Universal Deployment Machine Was Built and feat(gcp): adding support for GCP project generation by bcoe · Pull Request #1225 · redwoodjs/redwood · GitHub ). But still want to plan ahead and doing best practice for the future deployment.

My questions are:

  1. When I generate a custom function, some aws lambda specific import, @param and @typedef are auto generated. Am I safe to remove it guessing it shouldn’t be applicable to GCP?
    Is there any project setting for code auto generator to know what kind of deployment I plan to use and generate code accordingly? Or that’d have to be left as manual clean up?

  2. For quick prototyping on GCP, is web side deployed on Firebase and api side deployed as docker container in GCP the preferred way do go? Or would I be better off deploying both api and web as container or traditional deployment for now, until GCP deployment is officially supported?

Thank you for all your works.