Passing general parameters to cell


I have a Cell which generates a SelectField, which has the users it gets by a query as options.
I also pass field of an object as the value for the SelectField, which works fine.

export const Success = (
  { users }: CellSuccessProps<FindUsers>,
) => {
  return (
<UserSelectionCell value={props.note?.executorId} label="Test Label" />

My Problem is, I also have to pass the label for the component. But the variable ends up as undefined.

Whats the correct way to pass parameters to a cell for this purpose? And why does it work for the value but not for the label?

Hey @mkqfs your props are automatically passed along where you are restructuring your users so instead of what you are doing try

export const Success = ({ users, value, label }: CellSuccessProps<FindUsers>) => {}