Pangea + Redwood - Tutorial: Audit Logging and Embargo Checks

Learn how to integrate Pangea’s Secure Audit Log and Embargo services into RedwoodJS’ native login flow. In this tutorial, you’ll ensure compliance with frameworks like HIPAA, SOX, and others by logging critical authentication activities - logins, password changes, and account creation. Further, you’ll learn how to use the Embargo service to block account creation and access to a user attempting to log in from an embargoed country.


I am interested in IAM/CIAM issues for decades and while I was happy to implement some of most often used workflows (Auth0, OKTA, etc) the thought of finding and using solution that Pangea offers, never came to my mind. Indeed, I knew that there are expensive consultants that can verify any particular IAM implementation, but being able to use such cloud based service is terrific. Thank you @DonkeyKongII for opening a new page for me.

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