Our side project: braindump of additional areas of interest, feedback

Amazing project. Pretty delightful choices.

In addition, we’re interested in:

  1. Faktory is a non-starter for several reasons. Bullmq seems like a suitable alternative
  2. OpenTelemetry
  3. OpenAPI
  4. gRPC backend talking to other services
  5. TOTP + backup codes with dbAuth
  6. argon2 (PBKDF2 maybe great for FIPS people but it’s ancient)
  7. Client- AND then server-side PBKDF hashing rounds (not relying on either alone)
  8. PASETO instead of JW[A-Z]
  9. Compiling/serving content with subresource integrity (SRI)
  10. Beyond cell: presenters, interactors, validation, business logic organization decoupling a-la Trailblazer
  11. No AGPL
  12. Everything must be self-hostable
  13. prisma-admin

More examples would be nice:

  • a. Playing nice with other FE/BE/FS frameworks
    • i. Hotwired-Turbo-Stimulus
    • ii. Vue
    • iii. Express
  • b. Publishing SSG parts to a CDN
  • c. prisma-redis-middleware
  • d. Full text search
  • e. Infinite scrolling pagination
  • f. pnpm/yarn usage toggle

Pleased to see:
A. WebAuthn
B. Prisma
C. GraphQL

(Waves from React, GraphQL, Hack, Jest, watchman, folly, zstd, etc. land.)


Thanks for this list.

Few updates

  1. For async, cron, scheduled and event workflow orchestrations check out Inngest. Redwood will have some guides and improved DX and integration soon! https://www.inngest.com/

  2. Open Telemetry. Josh from the Core Team is working on this. Updates soon. Also, there is an OT plugin for Yoga thy works great. envelop/packages/plugins/opentelemetry at main · n1ru4l/envelop · GitHub

  3. Prisma redis middleware. Redwood does have Redis caching Services | RedwoodJS Docs and Yoga has a response cache plugin. envelop/packages/plugins/response-cache-redis at main · n1ru4l/envelop · GitHub

  4. OpenAPI see Sofa API – GraphQL Yoga

  5. Self hosted see Introduction to Baremetal | RedwoodJS Docs and current hill working in improved Docker support.

  6. Search not full text per se but see redwood-office-hours/README.md at main · redwoodjs/redwood-office-hours · GitHub or consider Supabase full text search https://supabase.com/docs/guides/database/full-text-search but really this works for any Postgres.

Hope this helps - and do let me know if you can use any of these tools.