Our first public, virtual Meetup is this Friday: Join us! 🤩

You’re invited to join us this Friday, July 17th, for our first public Meetup. We’re describing the format as a virtual “Drop-in,” which will be fluid and conversational yet organized around a central topic. It’s part office-hours, part meetup, and all Redwood. Admittedly, the format is a bit of an experiment, so we’ll figure it out together as we go.

Drop-in Meetup discussing the Redwood API

GraphQL, Prisma, SDLs, and Services, oh my!!

July 17th from 17:30-18:30 UTC (10:30-11:30am Pacific)
Local Time: 2020-07-17T17:30:00Z2020-07-17T18:30:00Z


:point_right:Registration Required: https://hopin.to/events/drop-in-meetup-redwood-api

If you have any difficulty joining the Meetup on Hopin, we’ll also be monitoring the Redwood Discord server to help as needed. Here’s the link to Redwood’s Discord.

How to participate

First off, make sure you register to hold a spot. When you join on Friday, you’ll have the option to simply watch the live discussion, engage in chat, or ask to join the video conversation to discuss your questions and experience.

Want to initiate a topic or discussion with an example? Please DM me, and I’ll work to make it happen! The plan will be flexible and fluid, but I am asking a few people to have topics prepared to initiate specific conversations.

How Hopin works

We are using the Hopin.to event service to host this Meetup. While Hopin is designed for large events, it has a feature called Expo Booths we can use for the following:

  • multi-presenter video and screen share
  • chat
  • ability to “invite” attendees ad-hoc to join by video+audio for discussion (note: no one will be required to do this unless they ask)
  • as attendee size grows, can split into multiple “Expo Booths” for different conversations (note: we will most likely not use this feature this time around)

Need help with Hopin? Here’s their support knowledgebase: https://support.hopin.to/en/collections/1945014-using-hopin-as-an-attendee


Just reply below or send me a DM here on the forums.

Hope to see you this Friday!