OpenID / OAuth as Main Authentication

I want to setup authentication using OpenID,
I’ve found on the docs a guide on setting up OAuth here,
Although it seems to be what I want, the guide assumes I already have some other form of authentication like dbAuth, which I do not have and do not intend to have.

Is there a way to setup OpenID / OAuth as the main authentication?

Thanks in advance


As far as I know, you need the glue of dbAuth to deploy any other authentication provider.

It’s quite logical because in the OpenID protocol you need at the very least to match a form of user id like username or email.

Therefore, first of all deploy it :wink:

@matbgn is correct - if you want to self-host your auth, dbAuth is the way to go.

If you need any help setting that up, let us know :slight_smile:

On OAuth, Rob’s guide that you linked to is excellent for understanding the basics, though I suggest using the plugin: GitHub - spoonjoy/redwoodjs-dbauth-oauth: A plugin for RedwoodJS that adds OAuth capabilities to projects using dbAuth. It's designed to provide an easy and effective way to integrate OAuth into your RedwoodJS applications, offering a seamless experience for both developers and end users.

It’s got two main advantages:

  1. Much simpler to set up
  2. Support for multiple OAuth providers

Let us know if you need help with any of the above!