Open Sauced - Open Source Contributor Summit - October 15

Hey everyone, Brian Douglas has asked me to speak about my Redwood experience for his project Open Sauced which is based around getting new contributors into open source. He’s having a Hacktoberfest event on October 15 (our friends at Supabase will be there as well!)

My talk is titled “Contribution to RedwoodJS as a Bootcamp student” and will be at 10:40 AM PST. It’ll be streaming on Twitch and then will be uploaded to Youtube for anyone who couldn’t attend. I’ve been a big fan of the work that Brian has been doing for a while and I think this aligns really well with what we’re trying to do for Hacktoberfest.

Open Sauced GitHub



@ajcwebdev Could you tweet the details from your personal account and then let me know (or if you tag @redwoodjs I’ll see it)? I’ll retweet from the Redwood twitter account.

You got it

Perfect. Scheduled for retweet tomorrow morning!