Netlify/Railway - Status 400 messages

Anyone else experience frequent Status 400 errors on their RW app running on Netlify/Raiway?

Our app runs on Netlify accessing a postgres db on Railway. This has worked well for a long time.

In the past couple of days (1/31/24) the app has been receiving many Status 400 errors. Note that these error can appear on pages that also have successfully queries.

DB was migrated to V2 (per Railway requirement) and rw upgraded (to allow prisma target of rhel-openssl-3.0.x as required) couple of weeks ago. This worked with no problem until the 31st.

Are you using Prisma 5.8?

Could this be an issue?

using prisma v5.7.0, rw 6.6.2

update: this specific problem was created by an error Netlify functions service.