Netlify/GoTrue Auth Example

I spent a little time setting up auth with GoTrue as the client and thought others might like to see one way it could be done.

GoTrue is perfect for those who want to use Netlify Identity as the auth provider but prefer custom forms for auth (like sign in and sign up) as opposed to the Netlify Identity widget.

The example includes sign up, sign in, sign out, confirm email and reset password capabilities. A walkthrough is in the works.

Thanks for tuning in and please let me know if you need help setting up GoTrue or have questions :grinning:


@Terris this is fantastic and the first GoTrue + Redwood setup I’ve seen. Huge thanks for posting this.

And if you’d like to add this as an example to Awesome Redwood, please do. It probably needs an Auth Examples section in general.

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Ah! I actually used the go-truejs approach for - need to write up the pros/cons etc. and was thinking of opening a PR to add to the docs. Had a little struggle starting with it but read through the source in both redwood and gotrue and figured it out :+1:

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