Netlify deployment error : Cannot find clerk module

Hi folks, Any help will be appreciated.

Aug 8, 09:44:54 PM: {"level":50,"time":1659951894380,"pid":9,"hostname":"","name":"graphql-server","msg":"Error building context. Error: Exception in getAuthenticationContext: Cannot find module './ClerkBackendApi'\nRequire stack:\n- /var/task/node_modules/@clerk/backend-core/dist/cjs/api/index.js\n- /var/task/node_modules/@clerk/backend-core/dist/cjs/index.js\n- /var/task/node_modules/@clerk/clerk-sdk-node/dist/Clerk.js\n- /var/task/node_modules/@clerk/clerk-sdk-node/dist/instance.js\n- /var/task/node_modules/@clerk/clerk-sdk-node/instance.js\n- /var/task/node_modules/@redwoodjs/api/dist/auth/decoders/clerk.js\n- /var/task/node_modules/@redwoodjs/api/dist/auth/decoders/index.js\n- /var/task/node_modules/@redwoodjs/api/dist/auth/index.js\n- /var/task/node_modules/@redwoodjs/api/dist/index.js\n- /var/task/node_modules/@redwoodjs/graphql-server/dist/functions/graphql.js\n- /var/task/node_modules/@redwoodjs/graphql-server/dist/index.js\n- /var/task/api/dist/functions/graphql.js\n- /var/task/graphql.js\n- /var/runtime/index.mjs"}

Here’s my Netlify.toml

command = "yarn ci:build && yarn ci:migrate"
publish = "web/dist"
functions = "api/dist/functions"

  # To use [Netlify Dev](,
  # install netlify-cli from
  # and then use netlify link
  # to connect your local project to a site already on Netlify
  # then run netlify dev and our app will be accessible on the port specified below
  framework = "redwoodjs"
  # Set targetPort to the [web] side port as defined in redwood.toml
  targetPort = 8910
  # Point your browser to this port to access your RedwoodJS app
  port = 8888

  from = "/*"
  to = "/200.html"
  status = 200

And my scripts

"scripts": {
    "ci:build": "yarn rw test && yarn rw build",
    "ci:migrate": "bash +x ./scripts/"

Bash script

if [ -z ${MIGRATE_DATABASE+x} ];
  then DATABASE_URL=$MIGRATE_DATABASE yarn rw deploy netlify --no-build;
  else echo 'Skipping migration. No $MIGRATE_DATABASE';

It seems to be sorted by running

yarn rw setup auth clerk

which upgraded the SDK to
"@clerk/clerk-sdk-node": "^4.0.1",