Netlify deploy error since upgrade

I upgraded rw today and when my changes pushed to Netlify I got the following error. It builds OK but I get this error from the webapp.

Prisma Client could not locate the Query Engine for runtime “rhel-openssl-3.0.x”.

This is likely caused by tooling that has not copied “” to the deployment folder.
Ensure that you ran prisma generate and that “” has been copied to “node_modules/.prisma/client”.

Any ideas?

Hi @oidebrett — the team received another report with this behavior and I believe @dom and @Tobbe are investigating and we’ll update as soon as we have more information as to the cause and resolution.

Please see Release v6.4.2 · redwoodjs/redwood · GitHub for details, fix and workaround.

Netlify uses the .nvmrc to determine the Node.js version. It takes precedence over other ways of specifying the Node.js version like the NODE_VERISON env var.

This PR pins the Node.js version to v18 in the .nvmrc. This change only affects for new projects; if you’re deploying to Netlify and seeing a similar error, simply replace the version in your .nvmrc with the following: