Nested writes issue on one to many relationship

Hi All,

I’m having an issue doing nested writes on a one-to-many relationship. I’m unsure if this is a RW issue, Prisma issue, or just a ME issue.

I have some models (only including most relevant below

model Pass {
  id             Int           @id @default(autoincrement())
  user           User?         @relation(fields: [userId], references: [id])
  userId         String?
  purchasedAt    DateTime?     @default(now())
  product        Product       @relation(fields: [productId], references: [id])
  productId      Int
  agentReference String        @default("")
  transactions   Transaction[]
  status         passStatus    @default(value: PENDING)
  notes          String?
  nights         Int           @default(0)
  price          Int           @default(0)
  company        Company?      @relation(fields: [companyId], references: [id])
  companyId      Int?
  customerName   String?       @default("")

model User {
  id                  String        @id @default(cuid())
  email               String        @unique
  hashedPassword      String?       @default("")
  salt                String?       @default("")
  resetToken          String?
  resetTokenExpiresAt DateTime?
  company             Company?      @relation(fields: [companyId], references: [id])
  companyId           Int?          @unique
  transactions        Transaction[]
  passes              Pass[]
  fullName            String?
  cardIssuedby        String?
  roles               Role[]

I’m trying to do a nested update that looks like this

return db.pass.create({
    data: {
      ..... other data.......,
      user: {
        connectOrCreate: {
          where: { },
          create: {, fullName: input. customerName },

When i do this I get an error

Unknown arg `user` in data.user for type PassUncheckedCreateInput. Did you mean `userId`? Available args:
api | type PassUncheckedCreateInput {
api |   id?: Int
api |   userId?: String | Null
api |   purchasedAt?: DateTime | Null
api |   productId: Int
api |   agentReference?: String
api |   transactions?: TransactionUncheckedCreateNestedManyWithoutPassInput
api |   status?: passStatus
api |   notes?: String | Null
api |   nights?: Int
api |   price?: Int
api |   companyId?: Int | Null
api |   customerName?: String | Null
api | }

When I dig into the prisma client inputs is see:

export type PassCreateInput = {
    user?: UserCreateNestedOneWithoutPassesInput
    purchasedAt?: Date | string | null
    product: ProductCreateNestedOneWithoutPassesInput
    agentReference?: string
    transactions?: TransactionCreateNestedManyWithoutPassInput
    status?: passStatus
    notes?: string | null
    nights?: number
    price?: number
    company?: CompanyCreateNestedOneWithoutPassesInput
    customerName?: string | null

  export type PassUncheckedCreateInput = {
    id?: number
    userId?: string | null
    purchasedAt?: Date | string | null
    productId: number
    agentReference?: string
    transactions?: TransactionUncheckedCreateNestedManyWithoutPassInput
    status?: passStatus
    notes?: string | null
    nights?: number
    price?: number
    companyId?: number | null
    customerName?: string | null

So after all that, my question is. Why can I not perform this nested update? Am i missing something, Is something not being generated correctly?

I can perform other nested queries on createPass. Like:

transactions: {
      create: [
          nights: input.nights,
          transactionType: `PURCHASE`,
          value: input.price,
          userId: 'cl7bdq9f50040718y85x8fqb9',
          staffMember: 'Shannon Hardcode',
          companyId: input.companyId,

Any help is appreciated. Thanks