Multiple issues in

Howdy folks.

Having multiple issues trying to deploy to

This is using a fresh install of the latest version of render.

The API service fails with an Out of memory (used over 512MB) error. (Something which was meant have been resolved here so heads up)

An over on the static site this error is occurring

Mar 25 04:58:08 PM  Unknown Syntax Error: Invalid option name ("--production=false").
Mar 25 04:58:08 PM  
Mar 25 04:58:08 PM  $ yarn install [--json] [--immutable] [--immutable-cache] [--check-cache] [--inline-builds] [--mode #0]`Preformatted text`
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I’m personally not in a rush and can spring some $$$ for render. I am more concerned that we are heading to v1 and it may be nice to have this up and running


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@shansmith01 Huge thank you for reporting this. I’m not sure there’s much more on our end we can do to support Render deploys on the Free Tier. I did all the original work to reduce total mem — a juggling act between build, Prisma Migrate, and our own Data Migration. I thought I had it working but all my work was on redeploying. The first time I checked for a new deployment I noticed things were blowing up again, which I believe is due to Prisma migration the first time around. We wanted to use Render for the Tutorial, but this was a blocker.

To be clear, this only affects the free tier. And, for me, once I got things deploying using a bigger container I could back down to the free tier, which I’m now using for our deployment integration tests.

A workaround on the free tier is this (super hacky) flow:

  1. use a separate hosted DB, e.g.
  2. run prisma migrate deploy locally on the hosted DB
  3. modify the prisma deploy commands for the API service to not run Prisma migrate or date migrate yarn rw deploy render api --no-prisma --no-data-migrate

And then you should be able to re-deploy.

The team at Render is great, but they’re also bandwidth constrained. Maybe we do need to have a disclaimer that Redwood doesn’t deploy on the Free Tier?

Looping in @SEANDOUGHTY and @anurag if you gents have some time to look at this.

Thanks, all!

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