Meetup Talk Ideas

Hello there!

One of my favorite things to do is present on a topic on new technologies at my local meetup. I use this as a way to learn something fun and new from time to time. I’m wondering if the community has some cool ideas for my upcoming talk on “Up and Running w/ RedwoodJS”.

I think there is PLENTY to talk about just in the ‘getting started’ topic so I’m not worried about content, but if you have ideas hit me up!




Hey @ryan-hamblin! This seems like a fun thing to do, and you might possibly be the first person to do something like this about Redwood!

I’m sure you’ve got plenty of content to cover on the technical side… one thing I would make sure to spend a little bit of time talking about is the Redwood philosophy.

Technical details are great, but talking a little bit about why Redwood was created and where it could be going in the future is an awesome way to help your audience get as excited about it as we are! The README I linked above has some great stuff to get you started!

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Great idea! I’ll start with the philosophy and transition to “up and running”.


Will there be a video recording of your talk? If so, please feel free to post a link here in the forums. Speaking for the core team, we extra :heart:watching people demo and discuss Redwood. (But no pressure, k?)

Good luck and enjoy!

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They typically record their live sessions so I don’t know why Remote would be any different :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support. I’ve really been enjoying digging into the stack.


I was talking to my local react meetup group in my city the people organizing it. If they could get contact with Redwoodjs developer in the future and they sounded excited about the idea.