Meetup Recap: December 9th RedwoodJS Meetup about v1-rc

We had a lot of fun at yesterday’s RedwoodJS Meetup! Thank you to everyone who joined, participated, and presented (all 15 of you :star_struck:). We learned how to get started and use new features, met many people building products and startups, and discussed the road from here to the final 1.0.0 release. In order of presentation, here’s everything that happened:

In case you missed it, here’s a “sponsor” highlight from the first ever Redwood Quiz Show:

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Recording with timestamps:

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Topic Recaps with Links and Slides

🎯 Redwood Update: Going from Release Candidate to 1.0.0


Tom gave an update about reaching the v1-rc milestone and what to expect from now until 1.0.0:

🏗 Startups and Products built with Redwood [Panel]

@peterp @danny @orta @zakmandhro

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We met four people who are building their products and startups on Redwood, three of which are launched :rocket:

Danny and

Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 9.26.55 AM
Danny began building Tape when Redwood was at v0.6 :exploding_head:. It’s now a growing, multi-client product running on serverless infrastructure, being developed by a team.

Tape is available now, including both Free and Paid Plans:

Zak and Pullflow

Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 9.31.12 AM
Zak is the founder of Pullflow, which integrates Slack and GitHub to increase PR efficiency.

Pullflow is in a free, public beta for everyone to try!:

Peter and Snaplet

Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 9.35.38 AM
Peter is not only a co-founder of Redwood, he’s a co-founder of Snaplet, which is a funded startup that’s hiring Redwood Devs!

Snaplet is in free, public beta. And snaplet is hiring!

Orta’s very serious side project

Orta talked about his process of evaluating many frameworks by first building several proof of concepts. He’s now working seriously on a side project he hopes to announce sometime in 2022.

🔐 Getting Started with Redwood Auth and Auth0 [Walkthrough]

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Believe it or not, using authentication can be both simple and fun! In less than 5 minutes, Amanda showed us how to set up authentication using Auth0, including private routes and secure endpoints! She’s included the demo codebase and a blog post to set up Auth0 in the links below.

Download the Slides

Presentation Links

📦 API Caching using Redwood's GraphQL Plugins [Demo and Walkthrough]

@dthyresson @KrisCoulson

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Did you know Redwood comes cache-ready out of the box? David and Kris show us how few line of code it takes to use a Redis cache with your serverless deployment. Performance. Boosted :rocket:

Read the Guide

[Guide] Power of GraphQL Caching

Download the Slides

redwood-graphql-caching.pdf (768.0 KB)

🌍 Community: Participating and Contributing [Panel]

@dom @kimadeline @alicelovescake

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Most of all, Redwood is a community of people collaborating on a project. Dom, Kim-Adeline, and Alice share their stories about how they first learned about Redwood and what it was like to get started as a contributor whether you’re new to JS, still in school, or have never contributed to open source before. Everyone is welcome!

Attend a Contributing Workshop

You’re invited to attend the next Redwood Contributing Workshop in January. Want to take a first step as a contributor? We’ll help you make it happen:

👨‍💻 Maker Hour and CadHub [Demo]

@keith.t.elliott @Irev-Dev

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Did you know that every week Redwood Makers of all skills, backgrounds, and project stages get together to help each other? Everyone is welcome to join!

Keith and Kurt talk to us about their journeys as makers and how Maker Hour came to be. And Kurt shows us his project, CadHub, which he’s been actively deloping within the community of Maker Hour.

Attend a weekly Maker Hour in your Time Zone

Happening weekly via the Redwood Discord server.

CadHub: Code CAD community and projects

Screen Shot 2021-12-10 at 12.51.18 PM

Check out CadHub, a community for building building and sharing SCAD projects:

⚛️ GraphQL Zero to GraphQL Hero [Walkthrough]


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Tom gave us a preview of his GraphQL Galaxy presentation, " From GraphQL Zero to GraphQL Hero with RedwoodJS". Starting with an empty directory, he sets up a fully fledged GraphQL API in minutes flat. Plus, he shows how easy it is to use and create directives to clean up your code even more. You’re gonna love GraphQL even more once you make things Redwood Easy!

🥳 The After After-party: Q&A Discussion

We went well into overtime with those who stuck around for discussion and Q&A. There were several rounds of topics and lots of great conversation.

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Next Steps with Redwood

Excited about Redwood and looking to dive in? We’re excited to have you! Here’s where to being.