Material Tailwind integration with Redwood

Hello, good morning.

I’m having trouble using Material Tailwind ( on RW. I did the setup, but it doesn’t style correctly.

I installed the package in the web workspace, added the HOC withMT() in the export of the Tailwind config, imported the contents of the MTT components to the tailwind config (section indicated for monorepos in the doc), add <ThemeProvider> on App.tsx , but nothing made it work. Any tips or has anyone successfully installed it?


Rendered button on browser appears like this (on screenshot above)

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@MichaelrMentele I know you use MUI… any suggestions?

I don’t know anything about that library, but I’d suggest you take a look at the built-in support for Tailwind (see Command Line Interface | RedwoodJS Docs). Run through that setup to understand how it works and see if you can build from there.

Hope that helps!