Maintainer / Core Team Member Areas of Interest

@thedavid put together some notes on material that was covered in the June 3rd Contributing Workshop. It has this statement in the context of opening an issue to start a discussion on particular ideas for contributions:

"It’s also very helpful to @ mention a maintainer or Core Team member that share the area of interest"

I’m working on a draft PR that updates the contributing docs to reflect what was covered in the workshop and older comments here in the forum. I’d like to include detail on those areas of interest, because just including @thedavid’s comment above seems like it leaves the reader hanging. Could anyone add a bit on what those areas of interest are?

  • ajcwebdev
  • aldonline
  • clairefro
  • dom
  • dthyresson
  • forresthayes
  • kimadeline
  • mojombo
  • peterp
  • rob
  • Robert
  • thedavid
  • Tobbe