Made By Redwood Showcase


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where we people could show off the stuff they have built with RedwoodJS. Yeah yeah I know there’s the show and tell but that is just for the members who are already here(Community)
So here comes BuiltByRedwoodJS

What? (Scope)

  • A simple website made by Redwood as its own first candidate.
    • Post your app/startup
    • Show any announcements from (RedwoodJS related and controlled)
    • View and react (like/upvotes)
  • Twitter account (Not so sure about this one, Suggestions?)


  • We could get a quick scope of who is using Redwood?
  • Free testimonials and awareness
  • Simple data source to show where Redwood is used (mostly)? which features? team size?
  • Increase awareness for both parties.
  • Everyone has one :sweat_smile:
  • Tutorials to do a bunch of stuff in “production” with RedwoodJS out in the open.

What now?

  • Any feedback and ideas around the subject is highly appreciated


  • [ ] Compile Feedback
  • [ ] Finish design
  • [ ] Begin Development

Some Design Aspect


We were just talking about this last week I think it is a great idea. Currently, one other spot for things built with redwood can be found here. Although I think having a dedicated site showcasing redwood applications and startups that is also built with Redwood could really drive home the new tagline “The JS App Framework for Startups”

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I like this a lot @barakcodes :rocket:

Are you thinking about building it publicly and/or looking for collaborators? If so, and you don’t want to host on your own account, we could create a public repo within redwoodjs GitHub org.

Most of all, I’d say just keep on sketching and start building a prototype! Momentum like that is what gets people interested, excited, and ideating. It can be hard to understand something until there’s some to try out — so could you build a very minimal, hacky prototype that shows of a basic concept or two?

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Hey @thedavid I am currently building it but I got not much time to spend on UI. It is currently 30% with the help of RedwoodJS, but there are lot of things we can do, I will share the link for contributing to the project.


I’ve been hoping for this one for a while now.
Unfortunately too short on time due to SportOffice right now ><, but there’s definitely interest.

Quick questions though:

  • how will the content be managed?
  • Is this project going with an admin panel or simply with scaffold code?
  • What about editing policy, do we organize content by development status of the projects? Do we take in everything or is there an entry level to meet before going into showcase? How’d that be defined?

Also something I’d consider important specifically for RW: the community is really strong, so we should allow some place on that platform to highlight people-makers as well.


So I have been thinking about it a little bit over the last few days. We have quite a few people building production level apps and scaling them up to thousands of people. Apps built with Redwood. We should be publicizing this as much as possible. It gives off inspiration and really lets newcomers see what is possible with redwood more than any demo app or tutorial could ever do.

Things I think we should focus on first

I think the best thing we can do feature wise for now is keep this simple. An app showcase where makers can submit their projects. Maybe a little bit about them links to the site and social profiles. Additionally we can add an admin backend to manage submissions. For the first iteration I think leaving tutorials and stuff is out of scope and we shouldn’t try stepping on the toes of what the team is doing with cookbooks.

Twitter account?

I don’t think that is necessary I think the redwoodjs twitter account is fine and official.

Tutorials to do a bunch of stuff in “production”?

I think this is something separate. But have some ideas around this and improving this with more cookbook related stuff. The current tutorial stuff is great. What I think is missing is running your app in production, monitoring, scaling. But thats for a different time.

How can we maintain this and provide as much value as possible.

Well this is a redwood project so the redwood makers and contributors should be in charge of maintaining it. Redwood is an open source project so this site should be too.

We can use this project as a stepping stone for people looking to get in to redwoodjs or contributing to open source. I think this can hit two birds with one stone. It allows people to contribute to an open source project and dip their toes in to building with redwood and is beginner friendly. It can be intimidating to contribute to redwoodjs-core because of how big it is. This is the type of project that doesn’t really have to be done ASAP and can keep getting iterated on especially if we get the core “showcase” done.

This might be a little over the top but would be kind of cool for community engagement. In todays contributor meetup talked about people looking for mentorship. We could use a project like this to host scheduled office hours / pairing session where someone looking to learn redwood and contribute could drive and someone on the team could help them navigate building a feature out.

In my opinion we need a site that is built with redwood that is maintained and iterated on. A living app. A production level app. Something better than the example blog or example todo, something that uses real data and receives more than just package updates. And is built with redwoodjs. I think this type of redwoodjs app/startup showcase could be a really good starting point.

@barakcodes I am down to help kick this off with you do we want to take @thedavid offer and spin up a repo under redwood org?

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@KrisCoulson Thanks for putting your thoughts out here! I totally agree with keeping the features limited I think it’s better to ship it quickly and then iterate over time, making it better with contributions. On that note, my only concern is that we might divert interest to contributing to the “main” RedwoodJS repo which is the main focus, but this could also build confidence for new contributors getting into open source and RedwoodJS in particular, I personally think you contribute better when you understand how something works.

I agree we should take @thedavid up on his offer and have a repo under RedwooJS and start building out the main core features just to get some momentum and eyes on this we can also team up with @aggmoulik (If you have the time of course, no pressure). I will draft up simple crude roadmap(list of features) thingy just to keep the open up the scope to everyone.

how will the content be managed?

That’s pretty encouraging, so for the content, I was thinking more of submission on a form type thing, maybe an admin but even a Typeform can do for now.

What about editing policy, do we organize content by development status of the projects? Do we take in everything or is there an entry-level to meet before going into showcase? How’d that be defined?

I think we will have some kind of auth here(more likely Github OAuth), to give you access to update the content later. And just check on the status of your project.
On the content organization, I haven’t really thought about this one, but I may be giving a project status like saying “MVP”, “Beta”, “Production” would be more appropriate(any thoughts welcome).

And the entry-level to get on the showcase ( we can’t be all that picky now) would be to have it hosted and a URL where a person can go to and “explore it”.

It would be really nice to have a changelog sort of thing where you could just publish your updates and have them on the showcase page, to give more of the show and tell vibe to it.

Not sure I fully get this one, what would this look like? some sort of contributors? or wall of love/ appreciation type thing?

We should definitely sync up on Discord, whenever you get the time.


@barakcodes @KrisCoulson I’ve created the repo and made you both Admins (check your inbox for the invite).

Take it away!

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Hum no, simply on project pages, main section presents the project, then a secondary section would present the team building it. My point is strictly focused on project’s people, so presenting the people putting efforts into the projects we showcase seems relevant.

Those are standard, easy categories to understand, we should keep it that simple and maybe extract one or two more a few months later, if the need arises.

To me the purpose of showcasing is that you get out of the box what you think advertises the best the value of your craft/product - otherwise it turns from a showcasing site to a directory of apps built with a framework.
We can have both though: the showcase being the main content of the site, and then a section or page dedicated to an inventory of RW projects. One would convey the quality of the work, the other its conversion capacity ( which can also be a detrimental metric to put forward… but that’s another thing to consider ).
Anyway, my respectful 2cts on the matter :).

A while ago I suggested the homepage revamp should be done with Redwood x), same course of thought! My question about it would be more in the line of how long can such a project be viable, in terms of things to be done, so enough people could get into it? Would there be enough work to do for a crowd?

A while ago I suggested the homepage revamp should be done with Redwood x), same course of thought! My question about it would be more in the line of how long can such a project be viable, in terms of things to be done, so enough people could get into it? Would there be enough work to do for a crowd?

I think there could be quite a bit of work to be done. There is always features to be built. It also doesn’t mean that this will be the only project being built on redwood, but it is a good starting point. A great way to engage the community.

This doesn’t have to be a rush job built in a weekend. My initial thoughts a splash page that can showcase redwood projects, a way for makers to submit a project, and a scaffolded backend to moderate the submissions.

This will get the project stood up in a bare bones form.

Additional features like users managing their own projects and profiles after submitting. Maybe automatic posts to discourse or discord after a post has been approved. Better moderating. These types of things don’t need to be done to have an MVP and I think leaving them off from the initial build allows us to bring new people in to contribute. We are purposefully giving ways to contribute to the community instead of seasoned redwood veterans taking on the workload.

What really makes this project worth it though is using all aspects of redwood. We should be showcasing Frontend and Backend Testing, Mocking, Storybook, Graphql, Cells, File uploads, Auth, Forms, Routing, Logging, Webhooks, Validators. So when people are looking for real world examples we can point them here.

I love it! In the last few days an idea was floated, a repo was created and a lot of brainstorming is happening.

It’s an engaged community in motion. :rocket:

I’m excited to see the Made with Redwood site take shape.

I think it is a nice supplement to the Awesome Redwood list, which includes all sorts of community resources/tutorials/talks/examples. Once the new showcase site is up, we could probably point/link to it from the Awesome Redwood list.

@barakcodes way to kick this off!

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Hey @barakcodes, I would love to have a talk about and what I have created till now. Feel free to ping me on Discord whenever you are ready to have a talk and inline the structure.