Looking for someone to join a Redwood startup - Get paid to build with Redwood!

Hi folks!

I’m currently starting a new project using Redwood together with two friends. We’re based in Germany where - as you may know - a lot of work is still done using pen, paper, telephones and would you believe it: fax (no joke). The healthcare sector is one of the most digitalization-averse, so our plan is to build a platform to digitize communication between pharmacies, doctors and retirement homes. My friend runs several pharmacies here and we already have a handful of customers ready to buy the software.

I’d love to do it myself because working with Redwood has been pure bliss so far, but I have another startup which is my main priority for the foreseeable future. So we’re looking for someone to become the main developer! I feel a little bit out on a limb since Redwood is still so early, but it puts all the pieces together that we would’ve chosen for this project anyway so it feels like the right move. This does mean however that we’re looking for someone intermediate who understands the underlying frameworks (Apollo, GQL, Prisma, etc.) reasonably well in case we ever need to eject.

We’re pretty flexible in most regards (e.g. part-time/full-time), what’s most important is that you’re willing to stay onboard long-term and hopefully grow this into a sustainable business! We’re funded so this is paid work.

If you’re interested let’s chat! Reply here or send me an email.

It’s still very early, but here’s a screenshot of one of the first working pages to give you a rough idea:

PS: I hope this doesn’t violate any community guidelines since it’s for a commercial project. If so please let me know and I’ll take it down of course!


Thanks for posting, we’re excited to see Redwood be used as a springboard for people to build companies and for developers to get jobs, so this is definitely welcome!

@jmo as far as community guidelines go, we couldn’t be more excited to see Redwood Jobs coming online and being made available to the community :rocket:

We’ll do our best to spread the word. In the meantime, how else can we be of help?!?

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I’m interested but saw that the app is in german, I know only french and english(i’m based in Belgium).
What will be the language of the app?

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No that’s not an issue, I’ve written all the code in English so far. We’ll just need good i18n support (which I’m sure rw can help with soon :slight_smile: ). Also means timezones will work which is good! Can you send me an email?

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I sent it

Just sent you an email :slight_smile:

Hi @jmo I’m curious how the search and startup are going? Any news to report back?