Looking for part-time or full time redwoodjs devs

Hello Redwood fam, my cofounder Patrick and I have been using redwood for a long time (and even contributing to it a bit!) and as I see this forum & the community growing I thought I would post here.

We’re hiring FE devs as contractors to work on our redwood app: Treasure Chess, a chess app for creating trading cards from games of chess with fun achievements and royalties for creators & streamers.

Our goal is to take all the things that are annoying out of crypto: seed phrases, transaction fees, environmental impact, volatility… are all gone in our app. What’s left: a fun trading card game with actual ownership, crazy clean onboarding to crypto, and the first way for chess players to make money directly on games they have played in the past.


  • Compensation: ~$45/hr, but lets talk and based on your experience come up with a fair rate together.
  • Commitment: at least 20 hours a week. We work in 2-week sprints.
  • Stack: RedwoodJS, PostgreSQL, Tailwind CSS, Ethers.js

Normal Oauth logins for web3 wallets

More details and contact: Front End Dev Contractor at Nifty Chess | jobs


For anyone interested in this, I have to say I’m a big fan of @Joseph and Patrick. And it’s a fun project they’re working on.

Excited to see Treasure Chess keep on growing :rocket:

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Thanks David, that means a lot!

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