Looking for designers for the Redwood startup showcase

Looking to contribute?

Have you been looking for ways to contribute to Redwood? We know that contributing to Redwood core can be overwhelming. We are looking for ways to lower the entry barrier and continue pushing Redwood forward. We have a few projects that we are kicking off that could really use a designer’s touch.

What’s the project?

The Redwood startup showcase.

Every day there are new entrepreneurs building their future with RedwoodJS. We want to give back to them by showcasing this community of builders.

Who can help with this project?

Anyone who is looking to contribute and get involved with the Redwood community. Whether it is design or coding if you are interested in working on this or future projects. Respond to this thread.

Where will this be seen?

The finalized project will live on redwoodjs.com

If you are interested in helping design the Redwood startup showcase let us know in the comments below.


Definitively looks a lot more appealing than contributing to Redwood core :smile_cat:

@KrisCoulson - would you consider me despite being confused with my posts?

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Interested :smiley:

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I am interested in helping with this + future things.

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Awesome @adriatic @justinkuntz @PantheRedEye im gunna reach out to each of you individually so we can chat!