Looking for a Redwood engineer for a short-term contract

Hi, all! To accelerate development of our MVP, my startup wants to bring on one or more engineers on a temporary basis, and I’d love for them to be familiar with Redwood.

For context, we’re building a new product designed to encourage kids ages 10-13 to write for fun. You can find the project description and link to apply on Notion, and here’s the TL;DR:

  • Time commitment: 20+ hours per week for 3+ weeks
  • Compensation: $75/hour
  • Stack: RedwoodJS with PostgreSQL and Tailwind CSS

Feel free to hit me up with any questions!



You stack looks perfect for me and i also love Redwoodjs.
Let’s have a chat.


Just DM-ed you!

Many thanks to everyone who applied! We’ve filled this role, but I hope to be back with more employment opportunities soon. :slight_smile: