Local Postgresql setup on Windows or Railway

I’ve not been able to get Postgresql going by installing it on Windows.
(Saw the discussion that mentioned setting up for noobs)
So I see it mentions to use Railway in Tutorial 1, so I went to try that.
But the info ends with “Copy the Database URL snippet”
But nothing after that ???
Can someone fill me in on the next step ?
Also I think the screenshots/info may have changed for Railway too!
Cheers, Dave

Hey @daveit,

Welcome to the community!

Yeah I can see that the tutorial here seems to just trail off! Next steps to use Railway locally are:

  1. add what the copied database url to your .env file (create one if you dont’ have this file)
DATABASE_URL=<paste what you copied here>
  1. And like the tutorial suggests, you want to add a connection limit

After pasting the value, append ?connection_limit=1 to the end. The URI will have the following format: postgres://<user>:<pass>@<url>/<db>?connection_limit=1.

  1. [Optional] Run yarn rw prisma migrate dev, and if you’d like to seed your new database yarn rw prisma db seed

Hope this helps!