Just launched a product with redwood. Built the mvp in under 2 weeks

Hey all,

I launched this new project called UserVitals. Redwood app is located at https://app.uservitalshq.com/

I was able to get this app and MVP up and running within two weeks, and now I am laying down a vision for the next set of features and goals that I want this product to solve for its customers.

This redwood app has the following features:

  • Identity management with GoTrue netlify auth. With 1:1 mapping to a User model.
  • Multi step sign up flow and email verification.
  • Supabase DB
  • Team model (allows for team access later on and RBAC).

The redwood app is at https://app.uservitalshq.com/. The marketing site is done with webflow.

The next challenge is to make the app support multi tenant, with support for subdomains and custom domains. I created a thread here - Subdomains and custom domains - hopefully I can make this work with redwood. I don’t believe it’s been done before.

I am planning to make some technical write-ups hopefully in the near future about my experiences with redwood and some patterns I have to make development easier, such as my process of using Modals and Cells.

Thank you everyone in this community so far that have helped out!


Really nice! Looking forward to any writeups you do on the project!

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:rocket:So Good!

Keep us posted if there’s ways we can help. Especially when you’re ready to promote — we’d be happy to spread the word on Twitter as best we can.

And echoing Tom above, we’re always excited to hear about what you learned, what works and what could be improved, and the overall experience. No pressure, but it would be great to have you demo at a future Meetup as well. Just let me know when/if you’d be interested.

Keep on keeping on!

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Awesome and useful. Any paid plans, @viperfx ? Can’t find them!

@noire.munich There is no pricing at the moment, as it’s in early access! So free to use. Will release pricing after talking with potential customers and getting an idea of the target audience I want to target. I hope to have pricing Q1 2021

@viperfx best of luck then, I’m interested but I don’t have a project meeting proper conditions yet. Will knock when it changes.