Jamstack Denver - September 2nd, 6pm MDT

I’m going to give a talk about Redwood at Jamstack Denver next Wednesday, September 2. It’s a relatively small meetup but they’ve had great presentations on 11ty, Next, Gatsby, Sapper, TinaCMS, and a bunch of other cool projects so I think this is right in Redwood’s wheelhouse.

I plan on giving a general overview of the framework and it’s main concepts for the first 15-20 minutes and then building out the Redwood blog in about 10-15 minutes. Depending on how fast I get through the material I may also build the contact form. Then hopefully we’ll get some Q&A about the project.

It will be streaming on Twitch and then the video will be uploaded on Youtube.


Jamstack Denver Twitch

Jamstack Denver Youtube

00:00 - Thomas Intro
00:34 - Anthony Intro
01:17 - First Look at RedwoodJS Series
03:56 - What is Redwood?
06:02 - Redwood Team
08:07 - Redwood Architecture Diagram
08:40 - Web Frontend
09:24 - Layouts
10:26 - Pages
11:04 - Cells
12:48 - API Backend
13:40 - Prisma is not an ORM
15:02 - Prisma Schema
16:20 - Schema Definition Language
17:31 - Services
18:21 - Functions
19:25 - Demo
39:08 - Q&A


Awesome! Let us know how it goes!

Nothing blew up!!! I think the talk went really well, I hit all the points I wanted to hit and the live coding went off without a hitch. I got a few good questions at the end and all the meetup organizers seemed to find the talk really interested. There will be a video link to the talk on their youtube sometime in the next week.


I caught the last 2/3 of your talk, really well done!

Way to go! And thanks for the update. :rocket:

Awesome, thanks for tuning in, it means a lot. I’ve been very inspired by how you communicate about the framework and how you need to really precisely articulate certain aspects of it, so I did my best to channel that.

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@ajcwebdev when the recording is live, could you update the OP with the link and then let me know? I’d like to distribute this on Twitter when it’s ready.

Yup, for sure. It’s currently on their Twitch but I’ll let you know when the YouTube link is up as well

Time Stamps:

10:29 - Jamstack Denver Intro
12:50 - Redwood Talk Intro
16:11 - What is Redwood?
18:17 - Redwood Team
20:21 - Redwood Architecture Diagram
20:54 - web Frontend
25:03 - api Backend
31:41 - Demo
51:23 - Q&A

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@thedavid Youtube link is up and I’ve got the link in the OP along with timestamps.

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