JAM Stack conference Thread

I thought it would be great to open a post, on the form for people to discuss or ask questions about what they have seen from Tom’s Talk at the JAM Stack conference.

Once the conference is over it would be great to add in the video from the conference into the documentation.


Thanks for posting these links! Conference was really fun. And glad we got to talk for a bit :tada:

Hold us to the idea about future “Redwood Office Hours” or something similar. I like it. Just need to do it.


I loved having a chat!

I really would love an idea of a place to have an informal chat, maybe with something like discord?

I think it would be amazing to have a monthly contributor meeting (or whoever wants to join) so it would be a place we could all chat about the direction Redwood is going. Formal/Informal.

The biggest question I have from the conference is there a lot of cool people who have ideas of how to use and improve redwood and what is the best way to hear them and make sure redwood is taken in the that direction?

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Would definitely enjoy occasionally having the option of dropping in. Discord could be cool too but it is another community to manage for the team.