Issue prerendering MetaTags component on multiple pages

Hi guys, I’ve a little issue with generating custom meta tags on multiple pages. So, long story short, I’ve multiple pages where I’ve set the <MetaTags ... /> component in order to customize the title and other OG elements. I’ve also set the ‘prerender’ tag (inside the web/src/Routes.tsx file) to make it works, cause otherwise the meta tags will be generated on client side (CSR), thus they won’t work when you share a link on some social network or app (to test them I’ve used

Now, the real issue is the fact that those pre-rendered meta tags are not correctly generated, since they are all the same for every page (to be more precise they are the same as the ones present inside the last page specified between the prerender tag in the Routes.tsx file).

I’ve tried a few things like:

  • Upgrade/Downgrade the RW version of the project
  • Using the ‘Head’ component instead of the ‘MetaTags

But sadly the problem persists. To be honest I’ve also rapidly checked the RW source code (especially the prerenderHandler.js and runPrerender.tsx files), but I couldn’t find where it might be the issue.

So guys, have you some sort of workaround or fix for this?

PS. Another small issue that I’ve experienced was that if you prerender also the ‘NotFoundPage’ , RW will throw some console error.

Minimal setup to reproduce the issue

  1. Create a RW project:

    yarn create redwood-app test
  2. Generate at least 2 pages:

    yarn rw g page Home
    yarn rw g page About
  3. Edit the web/src/Routes.tsx file by adding the ‘prerender’ tag for the generated pages like so:

       <Set prerender>
         <Route path="/about" page={AboutPage} name="about" />
         <Route path="/home" page={HomePage} name="home" />
       <Route notfound page={NotFoundPage} />
  4. Run ‘yarn rw build web’ and check the OG meta tags inside the files:

    • web/dist/about.html
    • web/dist/home.html

    You will notice that the AboutPage has the same tags of the HomePage (i.e. they are the same of the last specified page inside the prerender tag).

Just to give you the full picture I’m currently using:

  • Redwoodjs/core: 3.0.0
  • Node: 16.14.0
  • Yarn: 3.2.3
  • System: macOS Big Sur 11.6.4
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@Danny and @Tobbe is this the expected behavior with prerender?

Also, should the NotFoundPage be prerendered … or just use the 404.html in public?