Is it worth switching from an existing stack?

Hello! I just heard about RedwoodJS, and it looks really cool. I already have a web app stack for an app I’m building, using React, Apollo, GQL, Jest, and Django; so there’s already heavy overlap.

Is it worth me switching to RedwoodJS when I already have an established stack, or should I wait until the next time I start something new?

Apologies if this has already been addressed; I tried searching both here and the homepage but couldn’t find anything.

Hi @sudeepy and thanks for the nice words about RedwoodJS.

I’d suggest doing the tutorial and getting a feel for why it is like to develop, test and deploy.

Then I think you can make the best determination if you’d like to move your app to RedwoodJS or not.

I don’t know much about your project, but I’d you are looking for developers or are hiring then maybe this stack could make it easier to manage than finding people with both Django and React/NodeJS experience.

Thanks @dthyresson !