Is Fastify API server still required after the arrival of graphql-yoga

yoga-graphql is using the Node’s http server module that makes it a Graphql server.

This means that graphql-yoga can be used to serve the API after deploying it on a traditional infrastructure like EC2 virtual machine or localhost. Is this correct? Or Fastify offers some other benefits?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Fastify serves the functions - one of which is the GraphQL endpoint. If one would replace Fastify with Yoga, then something else would have to take care of the other custom functions.

Frankly, even to me, things are not very clear.

AFAI can perceive… since the GraphQL endpoint is a serverless Lambda, it is invoked from the client browser. In this case, we don’t need any server.

The other scenario is the ‘serverful’ environment (EC2 VM or localhost) where we are currently running the Fastify server. This is what could be replaced by the graphql-yoga’s built-in NodeJS server. In this case, however, we won’t be invoking a graphql endpoint deployed as a Lambda function.

Am I right or missing something?