Integrations test with Cypress with scaffolding!

Having an additonal testing layer that test that everything works together like submitting post and then the user navigates to Postpage.

Cypress.js should definitely be included in Redwood.js

Coming from Rails Cypress.js is like capybara and selenium.

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Hey! Cypress does look super interesting.

We are about a month of work into having Jest support working out of the box. (Config work has been brutal.) So our first step is to get the current integration work across the finish line. Also to note, we are leaning heavily into Testing Library for React at this time.

@rob is our resident Rails expert. Want to take a look at Cypress, RC?

It took Rails 13 years to include browser testing in the framework itself (Rails calls them system tests) so we’ve got some time. :wink: I don’t want to speak for the rest of the team but we have a TON of stuff to work on in the coming months so I don’t know that I’d prioritize adding this over the other things in the queue. But if an outside contributor wanted to implement and own it we’d be eternally grateful!